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Winter Maintenance Services by AJW Ltd

snow removal, snow clearance servicesWe are again approaching the colder months of the year where ice and snow become a problem. In the UK, unfortunately, we experience some of the coldest temperatures in the world and this can cause serious problems for transport such as trains, planes and especially road traffic. We offer a gritting service that can eliminate the problems faced with icy roads and snow bound journeys.

Gritting is an essential undertaking for any commercial entity – if you have a car park for example, it’s important that you use gritting services to make sure that your customers are safe to walk in and out of your buildings, as well as drive to and from your offices.

Our gritting services are designed to be cost effective as well as practical and we aim to deliver the best possible gritting services in the local area. Using the best quality throughout our machinery and gritting supplies, we can deliver a service that is not only cost effective but also very effective at dealing with the problems at hand, in this case icy roads and surfaces.

Disruption to transport can affect your business in a big way – not having access to certain areas of your workplace, for example, can cause serious upset and in this day and age there’s no need for it. Our gritting services can ensure that all areas of your workplace are kept clean, gritted and ready for use by anyone – meaning your business can carry on no matter what the weather is like.

Each and every year in the UK, there are hundreds and thousands of delays and problems for businesses due to poorly executed gritting services. We promise to deliver a service that’ll keep your business running throughout the colder months of the year. Icy roads can be very dangerous and this not only puts your workers at risk but also your customers. We can help eliminate these risks (or at least significantly reduce them) by offering our gritting services.

We offer gritting services to both commercial and private clients and can offer a free no obligation quote. For more information about our gritting services and what we can do for you over the colder months.