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Garden Design Berkshire

Complete Garden Landscape design & maintenance by AJW Landscaping

Garden landscaping ServicesGardens come in all shapes and sizes and many have completely different needs and requirements when it comes to maintenance. Designing a beautiful garden is something that requires expert knowledge as well as a keen eye for detail. We offer a variety of garden design services in Berkshire and can offer you a service that’s suited to your garden and your tastes.


From design on paper, all the way to planting and maintenance, we can provide you a service that’s superior in garden design. Choosing plants, colour schemes and features is something that we have a lot of experience with and can guarantee you’ll love the finished results. Working closely with you we can develop a garden design that you will enjoy on a daily basis.


Garden design in Berkshire is one of our specialities; we have a large number of clients in this area as well as a vast range of expertise in all aspects of garden design. Our team of garden designers will be able to help you achieve your dreams and design an outdoor space that’s not only practical, but stylish and pleasing to the eye.


Our Garden Design Services in Berkshire include:


  • Design plans and advice
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Planting and garden features
  • Reports and advice going forward


A lot of the design features available to you will depend on the soil type in your area, the amount of sunlight you have and at what times of Garden Design & Maintenanceday as well as a variety of other aspects which we can observe. We will then create a plan that’s specific to your requirements whilst offering you the best possible deal in terms of expense.


We offer garden design services in Berkshire to both commercial and private clients and can even work with local authorities to ensure the local area stays well-kept and beautifully designed.


For more information about our garden design services in Berkshire, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We can offer a free no obligation quote as well as simple advice and guidance.